UK-Presentation Tour

UK-Presentation Tour

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Captain Joe


Now you have the chance to hop on a zoom call with me!

I am more than happy to help you with any aviation related questions! BOOK A CALL!

Are you a nervous flyer and fear of getting on your next plane? BOOK A CALL!

I’m happy to help you calm down you nerves,  share my knowledge as a pilot and experience I’ve gained from thousands of flights.

  • What can I do calm my nerves before a flight?
  • I’ve heard a worrying sound, what was that?
  • Are turbulence dangerous?

You’re in need of a pep-talk? A motivational uplift? BOOK A CALL!
We will find a way together to get you out of your current situation!
It’s your or a friends birthday and you want to celebrate together? BOOK A CALL!


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It all started by coincidence a few years ago.

Public Speaking

You can now book me for speaking at your event or your flight school.

Take the ICAO Level 4-6 language test online. Tested by Captain Joe!

My First book is finally out now:



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