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Good preparation is EVERYTHING!

So many people want to become a pilot, but everyone struggles with where to start?!

The FUTURE PILOTS MASTERCLASS is your trusted guided course in preparing you for flight school.

This is what the FUTURE PILOTS will do for you:

✓ Ways to prepare before flight school 

✓ How to improve your maths, physics and English skills 

✓ Understanding the medical examinations you will face!

✓ Teaching all you need to know about the different pilot licenses

✓ Showing you how to choose the right flight school

✓ Helping you to prepare for your PPL, CPL, IFR and ATPL license

✓ Ways to find your first job as a pilot!

✓ Show you ways to save money during flight training 

✓ Give you Motivational Tips when you feel exhausted from studying 

Most asked question

The course is for anyone who wants to become a pilot, either from the US, Canada, South America, UK, Europe, India, Australia, Asia, etc. No matter the country you are from, you’ll ultimately get a better understanding of how to become a pilot! Yes, the regulations vary a little from country to country; I therefore highlighted the major ones in the course! 

Anyone from the age of 10 to anyone who sees fit to become a pilot. If you are in your mid-twenties and looking for a career change or in your 40s and looking for another adventure, this course has you covered! 

36 base videos that cover your entire route from pedestrian to airline pilot. But more videos will be added over time, focussing on the questions that have come up in our Zoom meetings. 
The chapter “How to find my first job “will have regular uploads as I interview pilots who share their stories on how they found their first job!

The videos range from 5 to 16 minutes. Overall, you have 4 hours of course material, and more videos are regularly uploaded! 
There loads of download materials for you to print out, which also get updated regularly!

Yes, you can! The chapter “How to find the right flight school “has some incredible insights on how to find the right flight school and also save a lot of money! Questions yourself: how can a flight school charge 30k more than a cheaper one but ultimately sell you the same product?

Lifetime Access! After you’ve purchased the course, you will receive an invitation link with which you can sign up for our Future Pilots Masterclass via Skool and then have access to all the videos, download material, etc. 

Yes, you can send Joe direct messages via the Skool messaging platform. If you want personal ZOOM meetings with Joe, you can book those as an add-on to your purchase! 

Member of an aviation community: 
You’ll be a member of a group that is all about “becoming a pilot “. You can share you’re thoughts and questions with the community, plus Joe will try and help you solve your aviation-related problems! 
Free book:
With your course purchase, you get Joe’s motivational book “READ and DO, 100 Checklists to Become a Better Version of Yourself “as a PDF file for free.
Free access to flight school presentations: 
Joe does give regular presentations at flight schools all around the world. Being a member of the future pilots masterclass, you get free access to any of these presentations near your home! 

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee! If you send us an e-mail to info@flywithcaptainjoe.com, within 30 days of your order, we will refund you the entire purchase! No questions asked! We want you to have the freedom and peace of mind! 

Sneak peak into the first course video:

Successful future pilots

My “No-Questions-Asked” 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Your success and satisfaction are the cornerstones of my “Future Pilots Masterclass.” I stand by the quality and potential of our course with an unconditional, no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

My “Captain Joe” Promise