About me

How it all began

Dear friends and followers, my name is Joe (most of my friends call me Joey) and I live in the beautiful city of Munich/Germany.
I’ve started my flying career in 2005 getting my Private Pilot License (PPL) in Austria. In 2006 I joined a private flight school near Düsseldorf for my Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot License (CPL and ATPL). I did all my theory training in Germany and then set off to Flight Safety Academy in Vero Beach Florida for all my practical flight training. Came back to Germany for my final check flight and finished all my flight training at the age of 23. Due to the economic crisis, there weren’t any airline job offers for the next two years. Despite the difficult situation, I got a job as Skydiving pilot on a little plane (Pilatus Porter) in southern Germany. Major practice for take-off and landings and I absolutely loved my first job! After flying the Pilatus Porter for one year I got the next job offer to work as a commercial pilot on the Beech King Air 200 for an executive company back in Düsseldorf. Another year has gone by, more experience gained and I was ready for the airline industry. The economy recovered and the airlines were hiring. So in 2010 I was type-rated onto the Airbus A320 family (319/320/321) and started off flying for Germany’s second largest charter carrier.

I had the time of my life, based in Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and my hometown Munich. But all good things come to an end, at one point at least, so after eight years flying my beloved Airbus A320, the company filed for bankruptcy due to financial difficulties and for the first time I was without a job in my pilot career.

After a week of mourning, I got my stuff together, applied and prepared the best I could for upcoming airline assessments. And the hard work paid off, as it very often does. Only a few weeks after the closure of my former employer, I signed a new contract to fly for a large Cargo airline. Fulfilling my childhood dream, to fly the most beautiful aircraft the aviation industry has to offer.
After 5 months of extensive type rating and line-training, I was ready to explore the world with the Queen of the skies, the Boeing 747-400 and 747/8. An absolute dream come true!

During my days off work, I love spending time with my friends and family, working on upcoming videos and engaging with the aviation community.
I like traveling and exploring the world, always on the lookout for abandoned airplanes. Getting to know people along the way is the best part about my career as a pilot and as a YouTuber. There is so much more to come …

Do your best, forget the rest! A good pilot is always learning!