Captain Joe

UK Presentation Tour

Dear friends and followers!
It’s finally here! The “Captain Joe – UK Presentation Tour – How to become a pilot in the UK“. 
In August, I’ll be travelling the UK with a banger presentation on how YOU can become a pilot in the UK. 

The presentation is set up in three parts

– How can I prepare for flight school?
– Which flight school do I choose?
– What exams can I expect?
– Which pilot licenses do I need?
– Integrated or modular?
– How do I find my first flying job?
– How do I gain flight hours?
– How do I prepare for the airline assessments?
– How to train for the aptitude, psychometric, and multitasking tests 
– How to practice for the group exercises 
– How to approach the psychological evaluation 
– How to prepare for the final interview 

The presentation will be three hours long, with a 15-minute break after each hour. Get ready because it's going to be very interactive and engaging. This will also be a fantastic opportunity to make connections with like-minded people!
Do you want to bring a friend? Make sure you book the "Double-Ticket (I'm bringing my wingman)" for a reduced price! Are you ready for take-off? Book your ticket TODAY! I will be in a city near to you!