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Take the ICAO Level 4-6 language test online. Tested by Captain Joe!

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In the first part of the exam, you will be presented with 18 questions to which you will answer. These include general questions such as your flight training, your flying history, your last or upcoming flight, or even your favorite destinations. After the first four questions you will see pictures:

Picture 1: Apply standart phraseology to numbers

Picture 2: Apply standart phraseology to letters

Picture 3 and Picture 4: Briefly describe aviation pictures, what you can see.

Further you will hear questions about flight safety, emergency situations and various topics. In addition, 2 ATIS announcements will be played to you, the content of which you will/can note down and you will have to reproduce then. Finally, you will hear excerpts from the aeronautical radio traffic, which you have to read back.

(Part I of the exam approx. 15-20 minutes)

Part II „Interview“

After the above-mentioned Part I of the exam, the second part will then consist of a 15-minute free conversation with the language examiner. The topics do not matter, you can talk about anything. The examiner will have to switch off his camera for a certain time, so that the voice-only part is also given.

General info:

After the exam, the performance shown will be evaluated and within 24 hours you will receive your ICAO language certificate by e-mail with all the documents you need for the certificate registration.

During this post-assessment, the ICAO language level corresponding to your language proficiency will be determined and issued, i.e. Level 4, Level 5 or Level 6.

Certificate validity for pilots:

L4: 4 years || L5: 6 years || L6: Indefinite

Select your appointment from the calendar below. You will then receive an email with all the information

  • Check that you have stable Internet connection for 45 minutes

  • Log in on time. You will receive the access data by e-mail after booking your appointment.

  • Check sound input & output devices.

  • We advise you to turn your cell phone on silent so that you will not be disturbed during the exam.

  • Pay attention to the briefing that the examiner will give you.

  • Have fun with the exam!

  • Maximum 24 hours after the exam you will receive your documents and certificates via e-mail

  • In the second assessment, the ICAO language level corresponding to your demonstrated language skills is determined and issued.

  • With the ICAO LPT L4-6 exam you can be certified with L4, L5 or L6.

  • The issued certificates are accepted in at least all EASA member states according to EU (VO) 2019/1747, ICAO Doc 9835 and FCL.055 e).

  • The language examiners are qualified according to ICAO Doc. 9835; 2 examiners each evaluate the examination. Possibly the authority Austro Control GmbH will perform a third evaluation.

  • The result of each language test is based on the ICAO Rating Scale (FCL Appendix 2) as well as the „Holistic Descriptors“ (FCL.055). Depending on the demonstrated language skills, Level 4, Level 5 or Level 6 is certified after the exam.

  • The exam takes place online at VIMANA GmbH & LTB112.

  • The examination will be conducted in accordance with AMC1 FCL.055 (Annex I of ED Decision 2020/005/R) as face-to-face AND voice-only.

  • The exam is held via Zoom.

  • The supervisory authority for LTB112 is Austro Control GmbH.

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Exam Preparation Opportunities

Tim offers with his company GAT - German Aviation Training preparation courses especially for the language test at VIMANA. If you want to prepare yourself just have a look at his homepage or contact him via Instagram, WhatsApp phone.