Why aviation will survive

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There are hundreds of reasons why aviation will get through this difficult time and today I want to tell you a little more about one of them. One positive blog about aviation, rather than thousands of negative ones you find on every aviation news blog.

Welcome back to my blog, today I want you to see what I see. Pilots have proven time and time again that they can adapt. When the feeling of control is taken away, fear is a natural response. But aviation is a profession where people have trained their whole life to not neglect fear but how to handle it and then ADAPT.

Taking away the feeling of control from people whose profession requires them to always be in control, as a result, you get a group of men and women adapting. I mean isn’t aviation all about adapting?

From the moment a pilot drives to the airport and see’s the windsock blowing down his favourite runway he starts planning for a certain runway and departure in his head, only to get into the office with the winds changing and blowing your idea out the window. So there you are, being made to start from scratch.

We look at our paperwork that has been prepared in advance giving us our cargo loads and load plans only to get to the aircraft and having to now redo it all in about 5minutes because of sudden changing cargo weights and loading (LMC – Last-minute changes).

While you guys, the passengers, are busy boarding the aircraft and having your water or champagne (depending on your seat of course!), we are sitting in front planning your smooth departure, setting up our flight computers with the relevant data and briefing on all sorts of scenarios for the departure and flight. Only to be 5 minutes away from take-off and having a thunderstorm blowing across our departure path or not even in our path just close enough to the airport, causing the winds to change and now we have to adapt and change all our planning for the departure, yet again.

The same is said for arriving at our destinations. Sometimes after receiving the ATIS and briefing the arrival- and approach plates, we fly with confidence and the feeling of control into the airport only to hear ATC announce a last-minute runway change and we now have to do a differences briefing in a small amount of time while flying through some bad weather in order to be set up for the new approach and landing. Not even mentioning the times’ something happens on a runway and we need to go- around. The workload in the COCKPIT goes from 100% to 150% in a matter of seconds! And yet every day all of these scenarios happen and crews adapt to them SAFELY.

But this is what we signed up for. Every pilot trains for these ever-changing situations. We also train our minds and the way we handle things. Learning to take things slow and think things through. Making sure that your next course of action is the best for you and your trusting passengers. It requires a certain type of person to do a job with so many variables and unplanned scenarios while being in control of a 300-ton aircraft and having the lives of hundreds of people in your hands while doing so. But you know what? They do it. And they do it every single day for the last 100 years and that is how these professionals gained the trust of the public. By adapting to situations and coming out the other side better equipped with new knowledge.

I know that these brave men and women with the mental mindset of improving themselves and constantly learning and working on their character, a character that handles any situation, will come out the other side of COVID-19 better equipped to deal with anything that may come their way. In the cockpit or at home. Improving the world for all of us that love to travel and at the same time building a home that can adapt.

Pilots have proved their ability to adapt and more than ever we need them to prove it now. And I for one believe they will.

Stay Safe everyone!

Your Captain Joe

April 26, 2020

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