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When you choose the e-book option you receive a FREE WORKBOOK in order for you to physical tick off the checklists!

– E-Book version + FREE WORKBOOK
– Paperback version brought to you by Amazon
– Paperback version SIGNED COPY by JOE



100 Checklist to become a better version of yourself!

It’s finally here! It’s new! It’s different!
My first book!

Here are four questions for you:
– Do you spend more than 1 hour on your phone every day?
– Do you sometimes lack discipline and lose focus?
– Do you lack motivation and creativity?
– Do you want to be more mindful again?
If you answered two questions with “YES “, then my book is EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT to read! It will uplift and spark your energy again! It’s also a fantastic gift for your friends!

My career as a pilot has taught me a lot over the past 12 years. I’ve become more disciplined, more focused and ultimately achieved more success in life!
The primary reason, therefore, are CHECKLISTS!
I’ve found a way to convert checklists from the cockpit and to apply them in everyday life!
You’ll get 100 over more than 200 pages!
Every checklist is divided in three parts. 1st: A personal story of mine that led to setting up that checklist! 2nd part: What I believe this checklist will do for you! 3rd: The checklist itself!

6 reviews for READ and DO – Captain Joe E-Book

  1. Joe

    Hey everyone! The E-book price will increase slightly after the pre-order is over on the 1st of December! Looking forward to your feeback! All the best! Joe

  2. Daniel

    Hi Joe,
    In which format will we receive the E-Book (PDF, Kindel, etc), and what exactly is this Workbook is?
    Thank you,

    • Captain Joe

      Hey Daniel! It will bet either to choose from! The workbook is a PDF file with all the checklists in it that you can print out and follow along with the e-book 🙂 Greetings Joe

  3. Igor (verified owner)

    Hello, today I’ve received a message from you that your book have been released but actually I’ve just received your picture in place of e-book. Is it normal and will I receive a normal pdf version later ?
    Thank you😊

    • Captain Joe

      Hey Igor! The book has been sent to you once again as a PDF file yes 🙂 Greetings Joe

  4. Georgio

    Hi Joe, you mention an audio/Audible version via Amazon in your video.
    I do not see the audiobook option. Can you guide me to it please?
    Thank you and greetings from Hungary.

    • Captain Joe

      I‘m still recording that audiobook:)

  5. Andre

    Hi. Can’t wait for my signed copy. When it will be shipped? Because I didn’t get any order confitmation or response? Trying to write from 3 different email addres. Will it arive before Christmas? Best Wishes.

    • Captain Joe

      They are being shipped this week! And will arrive before Christmas yes!

  6. Alessandro (verified owner)

    Hi Joe!😃 I pre-ordered your ebook on November but I haven’t received any other email since the order confirmation. Already checked spam section.
    May I ask you an other way to download it?
    Can’t wait to read your book.

    • Captain Joe

      Hey Alessandro! I just sent you the e-book once more 🙂 Greetings


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