Audio instead of video

Hey guys, welcome to my podcast section!
This is definitely a different media compared to the visual presentations you know me from Youtube or Instagram. You must know that I’m a total podcast geek. On my long car commutes or deadheadings/proceedings around the world, you’ll most likely see me wearing headphones listening to a podcast.
Therefore I feel very honoured to have been recorded by these fine gentlemen who took their time to interview me about my career in aviation, youtube and personal life.

Pilot to pilot

This is a fully aviation related podcast series which I love listening to on my long commutes to Luxembourg. What I personally like about the “Pilot to Pilot” podcast are the pilots Justin (creator/editor) has interviewed so far, none of them has had the straight flight school to airline career. If you are in doubt about becoming a pilot, the pilot to pilot podcast is the right motivation you need. Learn from other pilots on how they achieved their dream of becoming a pilot, how they tackled obstacles and just never gave up on their dream of soaring through the sky.
So pick up your headphones and enjoy this great episode as we speak about my first steps into the aviation world, my love for the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 747, if I prefer cargo or passenger operation and why “Airport terminal time” is better with „orange chicken“ at Panda Express!

Website: pilottopilothq.com

Aircrew interviews

Mike and I got in contact as he helped me get in touch with John Hutchinson, a former Concorde captain. It blows my mind the people Mike gets to interview. Former Royal Air Force pilots, military veterans, aerobatic pilots, British Airways pilots and somewhere in between there’s me answering his questions about my airline and youtube career.
Pick up your headphones and listen to Mike´s delightful English accent and how our interview got interrupted by the hotel fire alarm.

Website: http://www.aircrewinterview.tv/

Erfolg.Reich.Reden. Podcast

Axel-Robert Müller is a very famous radio moderator/commentator in Bavaria/Germany. He has launched his educational podcast on how to improve your presentation skills at the same time as I started off into my public speaking career. His podcast is all about getting ready for your first presentation, how to calm your nerves before stepping out on stage and many more helpful tips to become more productive and successful in life!
I’ve learned so much from this guy and this is the only podcast you’ll hear me speak German. So get your headphones out and enjoy this very personal podcast with Axel and me about my life’s journey and what I’m planning to do with „Captain“ Joe in the future.

Website: bit.ly/2R7t2Oo