Captain Joe - Spreading Wings

A friend of mine who I highly respect once said to me: “Joe you are not an influencer, if you haven’t purposely changed someone’s life for the better”

I very much agree on what my friend told me and realized, that’s something I WANT TO CHANGE!
It got me thinking! How can I put my channel and the large following to good use and make that positive change in somebodies life?
Over the past two years, I’ve received and read countless e-mails, all stating a similar problem young students are facing.

Flight school costs?!

How can I afford a type-rating to get my first job?

For many aspiring pilots, their dream of soaring through the skies is often ripped away before even getting their hands on the controls of a little Cessna. MONEY IS THE PROBLEM!
Only a few airlines in the world have a cadet program who pay the initial expenses for their future pilots. All others face a large dept once they are finished with training.
With the constant and ever growing need of pilots, airlines have to over think their strategy on finding pilots in the future. Because only the richest will be able to pay and afford their aviation training.

What is the "Captain Joe - Spreading Wings" Charity?

I WANT TO HELP! I want to relief a flight student who’s struggling financially from his flight school depts with the support of my large social media following!

How am I going to do this?

The plan is to set up a crowdfunding campaign and create the necessary awareness and advertisement for this project via my YouTube Channel and Instagram account!

I will also reach out to flight schools and former video sponsors (Bose, Phillips,,, etc.) to contribute to the campaign.

Currently, 25% of my T-Shirt profits are being transferred into a separate account and will be added to the campaign once it’s launched!

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How will I choose who gets the necessary support?

Once the money has been raised via the crowdfunding campaign, I will set up an application form on my website, which you have to fill out. After a pre-selection and fulfilling the requirements (to be determined), you will get a call from me with an invitation for further assessments.

What to expect at the assessment?

Maths and physics test, aptitude tests, English test, a psychological interview, group and role plays, simulator screening and final interview.

When will I launch the charity?

Many things still need to be determined and clarified such as the crowdfunding website, the flight school, insurances and other legal matters.
The plan is to have it all ready once the “one million subscriber mark” is passed on YouTube!

What can you do in the meantime?

You can help create awareness of my idea and crowdfunding campaign, so once it’s ready to be launched, your friends and family already know about it.

Updated 30.01.2019